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Philips EBT

This is a Philips Type 4522 980 38073 Earth Bond Tester (Which is really a milliohm meter in disguise).
This was made by Philips primarily for use by Philips to test their Medical Imaging equipment when installed in a customer's premises. 
Similar to the other Earth Bond Tester you can find in the menu, but this one is 10A fixed but uses an AC measurement voltage, to reduce the chance of capacitance affecting the reading. 
Measures 0 - 0.4 Ohm with a 0.001 Ohm Resolution. 
I have several available, these photos are of a typical unit.

Tip is spring loaded and activated the measuring current to avoid pitting / ensures a good contact. 

High quality (usually Raychem) cables, 4 point kelvin connection separates current delivery from measuring path.