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Protek PM200-14C Power Supply, enclosed U-Channel type (The C suffix indicates cover with optional fan fitted). Removed from a Dialysis Machine which is classed as a life support device. German made machine of exceptional quality, this PSU was mounted inside and the machine itself ventilated with case fans - the PSUs own fan was disconnected (unplugged) as the machines own fans provided adequate circulation.

Datasheet attached below, note the worldwide approvals and certificate numbers of this high quality part.

See pinning table here:

Note that -SENSE must be connected to RET (Neutral) and +SENSE must be connected to OUTPUT#1 pins to provide voltage regulation. Usually this is done at the load if you have long wires.

P3 is the small 4 way connector just behind the large 9 Way output connector (P2) and is provided for control and monitoring, and a aux fan output.

P2, the main output, thus has 3x +24 output pins (connected together inside) and 3x Ground output pins (Marked RET on the above chart). It then has two -Sense pins (joined inside) and one +sense pin. Again, the sense pins must be joined to the output.

Please see the attached full datasheet for full information .

(Main output connector P2 visible, P3 is the 4 way Molex KK header behind it - pinout shown on sticker).

This application had the PSU mounted on a skit to facilitate bulkhead mounting. Useful for general mounting in other projects. 

Alex Grant,
May 5, 2017, 2:49 PM